U.K. German pharmaceuticals were founded by electropath Bhim Sain kansal in 2001. Electropathy remedies work immediately without any side effect or alter the impact and these medicines are very cheap compared to other typesBhim Sain Kansal of medication and treatment is affordable for every person. Electropathy medicines are trendy in the treatment of human, but by seeing the scope of electropathy medicines in animals, Dr. Bhim sain kansal started their research in 1991. And they invented some medicines for animals in 2001. From 2001, There medications become more and more popular in customers. U.K.German pharmaceuticals now occupy the first position in electropathy products and only producers of electropathy products for animals in the world.
UK German Pharmaceuticals is a fast growing organization for marketing quality products. Our solutions to animal health care are highly rated by professionals, helping us achieve excellence and world-class competitiveness and quality by applying national and international standards. We are renowned in the industry as the premier provider of animal production boosters. We are the only one in the market to introduce electro-homeopathy products for animals.
Each product marketed by UK German Pharmaceuticals must pass stringent quality control checks before the product is offered for sale in the open market. Apart from providing the best quality products, UK German Pharmaceuticals gets each product tried and tested by veterinary professionals. Their success is the company`s success. Their reputation will add to the company`s reputation. So UK German Pharmaceuticals has developed close contact with veterinary professionals through well trained dedicated field force. We are continuously striving to establish a countrywide distribution network and firm professional relation, a dream, will be fulfilled with the kind cooperation of Veterinary Professionals.

“UK German Pharmaceuticals was established with a sole aim of serving the animal healthcare industry and with the market response we believe we have been able to do so.”

Dr. Upkar Kansal
Managing Director
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